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• Dedicated hotline

A dedicated number shall be purchased by the Committee that can be accessed by the public whether they are in the Philippines or abroad. A toll-free number may eventually be included in the services offered after its necessity has been established based on the number of calls received from abroad. The proposed number for the 24/7 hotline is 1343.

• Database

For purposes of the 1343 Actionline, the CFO will develop a uniform database to be used by DOS1 and all stakeholders where cases shall be referred for action. The system shall contain the information provided by the caller and shall be capable of being integrated in existing databases of the CFO such as the Case Monitoring System (CMS) and the Philippine Information System on Trafficking (PHILIST).

The 1343 Actionline will contain the following minimum fields:

1. name of caller

2. exact location of caller

3. contact number of caller

4. data on specific assistance requested

Stakeholders shall be provided with individual e-mails where data collected from the database will be sent for gathering.

• Computer with internet connection

Each referral agency shall be asked to designate a computer unit within their action centers where the database for the 1343 Actionline shall be installed.

• Team of Case Officers

An integral requirement for the success of the 1343 Actionline is the backroom support from the stakeholders. As such, all stakeholders will be required to designate a team of case officers through whom follow-ups will be made by the CFO, on behalf of the callers.

• Training of Case officers

Case officers assigned to respond to the cases referred by the 1343 Actionline shall undergo technical training in managing the database system, protocol in handling trafficking cases, paralegal and counseling.

• Memorandum Order/Circular from Chair of IACAT

It is recommended that the head of IACAT issue a directive to its member agencies and institutions to extend the support necessary and allocate resources for the operations of the 1343 Actionline, including the submission of the module for use of the identified call center provider on the specific services of the different stakeholders.

• Marketing Campaign

The Advocacy and Communications Committee shall develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to promote the 1343 Actionline and bring to the public's consciousness the relevance of said service. The campaign shall include all forms of media under an approved communications plan.